Memory Difficulties

Discover a powerful app designed to support those with memory difficulties.


Share Memories and Stay Connected

Our app features a photo-sharing function designed to help jog memories and maintain connections with loved ones. Easily share your favourite moments and stay connected with the people who matter most.

Easy Sharing

Share photos with loved ones to create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.

Stay Connected

Maintain meaningful connections with friends and family through our photo-sharing feature.


Simplifying Communication for Memory Difficulties

With our app, you can effortlessly stay connected through tailored message features designed for individuals with memory difficulties.


Maintaining Face-to-Face Interactions for Memory Retention

Video calls in our app enable those with memory issues to have face-to-face chats, supporting memory and reducing isolation by connecting them with family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.


Stay Organised with Personalized Calendar Reminders

Our app offers a personalized calendar reminders system designed to assist individuals with memory difficulties in managing their daily tasks and appointments. With this feature, you can easily stay organized and never miss an important event.

Stay On Track

Effortlessly manage your schedule and never forget important tasks or appointments again.

Easy Reminders

Receive personalized reminders that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Unlock Memories with Integrated Music and Video Feature

Experience the therapeutic power of music and videos

Enhance Recall

Immerse yourself in a collection of music and videos designed to stimulate memory.

Rediscover Joy

Reconnect with cherished memories through the power of music and videos.


How to Use the App for Memory Difficulties

Step 1: Download App

Click on the 'Download App' button to get the app. We recommend a tablet as the device for your loved one but it will work on a phone too.

Step 2: Create an Account

Provide the required information to create an account

Step 3: Personalise

You can then start exploring the features and customise the app for your loved one


Memory-Friendly Tech

Our app is specifically designed to help users with memory difficulties by providing easy access to messages, photos, video calls, calendar reminders, music, videos, and radio.  With our app, you can stay connected, organized, and entertained, all in one place.


Unlock a World of Wellness

Discover a powerful app designed to assist you in managing memory challenges.


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