Cognitive Challenges

HeartStreet offers a compassionate solution for individuals facing cognitive challenges


Understanding Cognitive Challenges

Our app features a photo-sharing function designed to help jog memories and maintain connections with loved ones. Easily share your favorite moments and stay connected with the people who matter most.

Empathy and Understanding

Simplified Solutions

Supporting Families


Wellness for Cognitive Challenges

Caring for a loved one with cognitive challenges can be challenging itself.

Tailored Communication

HeartStreet offers simplified messaging and video call features that are user-friendly and foster connection

Memory Aids

Our app includes personalized memory-aiding functions, such as photo sharing and daily reminders, to enhance recall and reduce stress


Maintain Personal Connections and Support

Video calls are a powerful tool for individuals living with a mental health challenge. They provide a way to stay connected with loved ones and receive support.

Stay Connected

Use video calls to maintain personal connections and support your mental well-being.

Receive Support

Connect with friends and family who understand and can provide the support you need.


Key Features of Our App

Our app is designed to enhance the lives of those with cognitive challenges through engaging and easy-to-use features. It fosters deeper connections and supports daily cognitive stimulation and organization.

Personalized Messaging & Photo Sharing

Music and Video Integration

Interactive Reminders and Activities


Ease of Use: Designed for Everyone

HeartStreet is crafted with simplicity and accessibility at its core, ensuring that users of all ages and technical abilities can navigate it effortlessly. From intuitive interfaces to clear, large-font visuals, our app is built to be user-friendly for both caregivers and their loved ones with cognitive challenges.


How the App Works for People Living with Cognitive Challenges

Step 1: Download App

Click on the 'Download App' button to get the app. We recommend a tablet as the device for your loved one but it will work on a phone too.

Step 2: Create an Account

Provide the required information to create an account

Step 3: Personalise

You can then start exploring the features and customise the app for your loved one


A World of Compassionate Connection

HeartStreet combines ease, engagement, and empowerment for those with cognitive challenges. With personalized messaging, therapeutic activities, and user-friendly design it's a tool for connection and cognitive enrichment.


Enhance Lives with HeartStreet

Step into a world of support and connection with HeartStreet.


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