Dementia Wellness

Discover an app designed for those living with dementia.


Personalized Memory Aids

HeartStreet brings personal memories alive through photos and music, aiding wellness and joy for individuals with dementia.

Familiar Photos

Users can revisit precious moments with personalized photo galleries, sparking joy and recognition

Favorite Music

The app plays favorite tunes, providing a soothing and familiar auditory experience that stimulates memory


Effortless Connections

HeartStreet simplifies communication for individuals with dementia, enabling them to stay in touch with loved ones through user-friendly messaging and video calls

Intuitive Messages

Auto answer Video Calls

Auto sliding Interface


Maintaining Face-to-Face Interactions

Our app helps those with dementia stay connected via video calls, facilitating vital face-to-face conversations, supporting memory, and enhancing well-being.

Strengthening Bonds

The app's calendar and easy reminders give users a clear daily routine, reducing memory stress and helping them stay oriented all day.

Secure Calling

No more nuisance calls: Only friends and family added to the app can call your loved one.


Calendar & Reminders

The HeartStreet calendar and reminder feature brings structure and clarity to the lives of those with dementia. It offers gentle guidance through their day, enhancing orientation

Daily Structure

Gentle Reminders

Easy to Use


Unlock Memories with Music, Video and Radio

HeartStreet's music, video, and radio features bring back memories and emotions for people with dementia, offering comforting experiences that boost wellness and joy


Wellness & Daily Joy

Our app provides a range of features specifically designed to support individuals with memory difficulties. From messages and photos to video calls and calendar reminders, our app makes it easy to stay connected and organized. With music, videos, and radio, it also offers entertainment and relaxation, promoting overall well-being.


Start the Journey to Wellness

Experience the convenience and support of our app provides for people living with dementia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about HeartStreet and its features.