App Features

Wellness & joy for your loved ones, anytime, anywhere.


Connect with Heartfelt Messages

HeartStreet's messaging feature keeps you close to your loved one, enabling you to send supportive words and joyful updates effortlessly.


Memories in Focus

Easily upload and share your favorite memories, from cherished family moments to everyday joys.

Easy Uploads

Quickly upload photos from any device, bringing joy and nostalgia to your loved one's fingertips.

Emotional Connection

Every shared image is a opportunity to strength connection and awaken cherished memories.


Effortless Connections with Auto-Answer Video Calls

HeartStreet takes video calling to a new level of convenience with its auto-answer feature. Designed for those who find technology challenging, this feature ensures that loved ones are just a call away, without the need to navigate complex interfaces.

Simplified Calling

With auto-answer, initiating a video call is hassle-free, making every interaction smooth and accessible.

Continuous Connection

The feature ensures that your loved ones are always reachable, ensuring continuous emotional connection and support.


Gentle Reminder System

HeartStreet calendar features brings a structured yet gentle approach to daily planning. It displays a clear daily schedule and upcoming events, with subtle reminders to gently guide your loved one through their day.

Streamlined Scheduling

Easily add schedules and events making daily organization straightforward and stress-free.

Gentle Reminders

Soft notifications for upcoming activities or events keep your loved one informed and prepared


Additional Features

Designed for both convenience and engagement, HeartStreet enriches daily life with several additional features.

Big Clock

The Big Clock feature presents the time and time of day in a large, easy-to-read format, aiding in time recognition and daily structure.

Music & Videos

With just a button press your loved one can access personalized playlists of music and videos, specially chosen to resonate with their tastes and memories.


HeartStreet provides easy access to favorite radio stations, from music channels to talk shows, offering comfort and familiarity throughout the day.


Crafted with Care, Delivered with Love

At HeartStreet, every feature is born from a deep understanding of what truly matters in dementia wellness. From the joy of reliving memories through photos to the simplicity of staying connected via video calls, each element is built with thoughtfulness and care.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about HeartStreet and its features.